So you want a monthly income that looks like an annual salary?

Once you've mastered your simple and scalable strategy it should be easy right?

Yet statistics show us that only 3.5% of female owned businesses cross the seven figure threshold.

And you're here because you are currently part of the 96.5% of women who have not reached that income goal.

You're here because you have the strategy down pact but something is in your way.

You've reached a metaphorical glass ceiling, an upper limit, yet you know you're here for more. 

You've found yourself questioning everything.

Questioning whether that price increase made you unobtainable to potential clients.
Questioning your offers, breaking them and rebuilding them because something has to give right?
Questioning your sales strategy - maybe you're being too "salesy" now?
Questioning your marketing - maybe the message just isn't resonating the same as it used to?

You're questioning whether you even have what it takes to cross that 7 figure threshold.

You think you need to be more or do more and the truth is that if you continue to hustle and go to war with yourself you will eventually get there.

But there is an easier way...

See what's actually holding you back are the stories and beliefs you have about money (and what having money means) buried deep within your subconscious. 

Stories that you may not even know exist.

And you aren't alone.

Most women have some seriously sh*t stories keeping them from their millions.

"You need to work hard for money."
"It's greedy to desire more than I need. I should just be grateful for what I have."
"Money makes people unrelatable. I want my community to always be able to relate to me."
"Women who make alot of money are money hungry - it's all they care about."

You've done all the "mindset work" yet still feel triggered when people make comments about your money situation.

You're still working in your business because outsourcing the tasks doesn't feel safe.

Income dips and changes completely derail you.

Despite all of this you know deep down you are meant for millions.

This is where we do it.

In just 28 days you can melt your money blocks away with "Meant for Millions".

Don't be fooled, this isn't "just another money mindset" program, this is a full shift of your energetic blueprint for money. A shift that will open a whole new paradigm of abundance in your world and set a new energetic standard for wealth in your life.

Investment: $97 USD

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Are you ready to recode and rewrite these stories to Quantum Leap your income?

The Details

This is a self-paced program ready for you to dive straight into
 - Four deep reprogramming sessions to melt away your money blocks
 - Private community to celebrate your wins and collectively manifest more cash
And a few other surprises to set up your Quantum Leap

Now imagine knowing that the more you play in your business the more money flows.
Imagine money feeling light, airy and free.
Knowing that whatever amount of money you desire to call in is there for you.
Imagine finally seeing money for what it actually is, a resource to support you.

Ex Pharmacist, now mindset and energetics master here to revolutionise personal development as you know it, shake up the online space of mindset, energy and spirituality and welcome you to a whole new era of entrepreneurship.

I've made it my personal mission to help trailblazing female entrepreneurs just like you align to 7 figures and beyond by harnessing the power within their Superconscious, shifting their identity and breaking through their subconscious blocks.

My unique perspective and approach means do things differently in my world - here we heal as a by-product to creating wild success in business and we create wild success in business as a by-product to evolving YOU the human behind your business!


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