There is a part of you dieing to be unleashed to the world... its time to let her play

you've always felt like you're here for more.

you've always felt like you had more to give.

you've always desired to show up in a big way.

you want to be seen, to be heard and to leave a mark.

oh and you want to make a crap tonne of money along the way and experience a fkn amazing life,

you've been told that you just have to become an energetic match it all....

you just have to become your hottest, coolest, wealthiest, most confident self right?

You've been programmed your whole life (and even more so by social media and self-help gurus) to believe you aren't enough.

You've been convinced that you need to constantly strive to be a 'higher' version of yourself to achieve wealth and success.

You've been told to reinvent yourself (and most of the process to doing so involves changing things outside of you).

And lady, you've fkn done the work. I know you have. You've been waist deep in the work for years.

And yet, here you are, struggling with confidence, struggling to own who you are and share it without judging yourself, caring so deeply what others think of you. You don't feel your worth, and you're constantly giving your power away to changing market trends, algorithms and engagement.


you don't need to reinvent yourself... You don't need to become another version of you and you sure af don't need to build more need to see yourself

see yourself Truly, deeply, unapologetically.

see the layers of brilliance that make up the real you, not the version you've been told to be or the version you think you need to be.

See past the facades. See your triggers, your projections. They're not just obstacles; they're signposts pointing you towards growth. the keys to the more you desire.

see that Every part of you tells a story. The parts you love and the parts you hide. It's in understanding these stories that you find your true power.

see that You're Already a Match. You don't need to chase, become or show up as a 'higher' version of yourself. You already are a match for your dreams, your wealth, your ideal life.

It's not about becoming. it was never about becoming.
it's simply about being. being you. 

Confidence and authenticity are effortless


let's do this

The codes to transcending the ordinary. This program isn't just a journey; it's an awakening to your deepest, truest, most magnetic self. In this space, we surpass the superficial idea of reinvention and delve into the profound depths of your identity. Envision a world where your authenticity isn’t just recognized, and it's not a conscious act – it's your superpower and its effortless.

This program is about unearthing the real you that's been overshadowed by expectations and societal norms. It's about peeling back the layers of who you thought you had to be, to reveal the powerhouse you actually are.


This is perfect for you if:

  • You want to experience total internal freedom, embracing the liberation of being unapologetically you, expressing your true thoughts, and pursuing what aligns with your deepest self.
  • You're ready to face challenging situations with emotional strength and intelligence, cultivating certainty in your resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • You want to celebrate empowerment — both yours and that of other women around you, transforming envy or competition into inspiration and mutual support.
  • You're ready to dive deep for self-understanding, exploring your patterns and behaviors to fuel your personal growth and evolution.
  • You want harmonious relationships and clear boundaries, fostering connections that honor and reflect your true self and values.


shift your identity towards a more authentic self.

enhance self-awareness and mindfulness.

Uncover the layers of your existing self-concept.


Explore the foundational aspects of your identity, enhance self awareness and uncover the codes to shift towards your true self.

concept of self

module one


Audit your actions and decisions to align with your values and purpose.

Explore your life's purpose and 'greater why'.

Identify and clarify your core personal values.


Delve into your core values and purpose to understand what drives and motivates you. Cultivate a clear vision for your legacy.

values and vision

module two


Techniques for achieving alignment between thoughts, actions, and values.

Overcome internal conflicts and discrepancies.

discover your authentic alignment strategy


Understand what it really means to live a life in alignment. Learn how to align your actions and thoughts for a congruent and authentic life.

alignment and congruency

module three

Understand activation patterns and how to respond effectively.

Identify emotional triggers and learn coping mechanisms.

Recognize and manage personal projections.


Understand how projections and triggers affect your behavior and learn to manage them. Learn to see these activations as mirrors and opportunities for growth.

projections and triggers

module four


Understand the roles of different part personalities in your life.

Explore shadow aspects and integrate them positively.

Uncover and work with different archetypes within yourself.


Explore the various aspects of your personality, understanding their roles and responsibilities, including archetypes, shadow elements and part personalities.

parts and shadows

module five


Embrace a new level of personal power and authenticity.

Strategies for integrating new insights and transformations.

Techniques for embodying your authentic self in everyday life.


Focus on embodying the lessons learned and integrating them into your life. See yourself and allow yourself to be seen in your power and authenticity.

step into yourself

module six


Lifetime access to all recordings

Private community for added support, accountability and celebrations.

Three LIVE coaching calls for personalised support and guidance

Three LIVE healing and reprogramming calls to facilitate lasting transformation

Six on modules intentionally created to help you understand yourself at a deep level

what's included

let's do this

Being a Magnet for Your Dream Clients: You effortlessly attract clients who resonate deeply with you.. Your solid presence online becomes a beacon, drawing in people who are not just clients, but true fans of what you uniquely offer. You have that cult-like community you dreamed of.

Elevating Your Earnings: Your income grows as a direct result of being unapologetically you. No more gimmicks or trends – just your authentic self, connecting with your audience, leading to more sales and higher earnings.

Cultivating Deep, Authentic Relationships: Your relationships flourish because you show up as your true self. Whether it's with clients, colleagues, or personal connections, your authentic interactions foster trust, loyalty, and deeper connections. (and dare i mention better s*x)

Your business thrives like never before, powered by the unique energy and passion that come from your authentic self. Your business becomes a reflection of your true identity, setting you apart in the market.

You wake up every day feeling confidently you. This confidence radiates in every aspect of your life, from your personal interactions to your business endeavors, making you magnetic to opportunities and connections.


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My path to finding myself wasn't just a journey; it felt like a relentless quest. For years, I was caught in this loop of reinventing myself, trying on different personas, chasing an elusive 'perfect' version of me. On the outside, it seemed to work, but inside, it was like running on a treadmill – exhausting and getting me nowhere real.

But this past year? It's been a game-changer. I dove headfirst into the depths of transformation, and let me tell you, it's been intense but incredible. I've peeled back layers I didn't even know existed and found a version of myself that's unshakeably solid. This isn't just about feeling good in your skin; it's about a fundamental shift in everything – from your business strategies to the way you connect with people, from your self-image to the impression you leave on others.

And the best part? I've condensed everything I learned in this 12-month transformational training ground into 'DiscovHER'. Because, honestly, you don't need a whole year to experience this kind of profound change. I've packed all the insights, tools, and breakthrough moments into this 6-week program. It's the essence of my journey, distilled and designed to catapult you into your own journey of authenticity and self-empowerment.

Hey lady, I'M jaimee

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You're not just on the brink of change; you're on the verge of a revelation. You're here because you feel it – the real, raw, unadulterated you, eager to step into the light. 

'DiscovHER' isn't about transforming into someone new; it's about stripping away the 'shoulds' and 'coulds' to reveal the phenomenal person you already are.

Imagine embracing every day with vibrant authenticity, where every decision, every action, is an unfiltered expression of YOU. This journey? It’s exhilarating, liberating, and oh-so empowering. It’s about saying goodbye to self-doubt and a resounding hello to self-truth.

So, are you ready to dance with your true self? To live out loud, bold, and unapologetically? If you’re nodding yes (and I bet you are), then let’s leap into this adventure together. 'DiscovHER' is your ticket to a life where authenticity isn’t just a dream – it's your reality. Let's make this happen.